What kind of battery is this?

What kind of battery is this?

Millipede plugin
Isosurface and Geometry Wrapper

Thank you very much. Do you have the download link of this software?


I don’t know why, I can’t download it here, can you send me the installation package?

This is my email: 947254420@qq.com. Thank you very much

http://www.sawapan.eu/ > millipede > download millipede.zip

shouldn’t be too hard.:woozy_face:

if you are using millipede only for meshing I would consider dendro since it is much faster

As Konrad sais juste click … Or you are in a country with restrictions on internet ? China ?

Yes, I am in China, restricted by the Internet

Wow, I don’t get why Millipede is in any shape or from offensive, well… wait… does it propagate “crazy” architecture and design? :face_with_monocle:
Anyway, I’ve send it to you via WeTransfer! I hope this service isn’t blocked?