What keyboard key or command to retain tab function (keep straight) multiple copies?

select curve, select transform copy, hold shift move the copy hit tab and its constrained to the parallel to plane direction I started to drag it, after clicking to place the first copy that tabbed constraint is lost and my drag line can be at any angle.
How do I get multiple copies at whatever position I choose to retain that initial constrained move ?



You could set up a Cplane for that desired direction.—-Mark

Check the command line options in Copy after you have set the initial copy… Notably, you have FromLastPoint, UseLastDistance and UseLastDirection. If you set all 3 to yes, you can make multiple copies in the same direction like an array. I have an alias ‘ddd’ which is

_FromLastPoint=_Yes _UseLastDistance=_Yes _UseLastDirection=_Yes

So I start the Copy command, set the first copy, type ‘ddd’ and continue placing constrained copies…

Otherwise, if the distance is not the same between copies, just set the UseLastDirection constraint to yes.

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UseLastDirection would be my solution. other options noted.