What it takes to write new VSR plugin?


I am really tired of not being able to do high quality modelling in Rhino and Alias pricing is simply outrageous. I feel like Autodesk is only screwing up the industry by their constant acquisitions of good softwares and then implementing them to their packages and shooting the price right up to the moon. Now, before this turns into a long rant I would really appreciate if fellow programmers here would share some insights about what it takes to write plugins such as VSR.

I am coming from Design background I can do quality class A modelling and thus know what tools we need and why etc. I can do a bit of python scripting (in vred) and I did some basic C programming for Arduino in uni but that’s about it so really, I would like to know what programming language I would need to learn and whether this is even feasible (I know Autodesk has a ton of developers working on any particular software so I was wondering how far I could get with this (on my own for now).

As you can tell I know nothing about software development and I am only trying to evaluate this idea to see whether it is worth investing my time and effort in this.


VSR developer had been lead developers of Icem Surf, with 30 years of experience in CAD development. Even for McNeel devs this will be a challenging job. They developed this tool within 3 years by 5 professional mathematicians/engineers and software developer. Sorry to say this, but chances are low, very low that you will get far. Some algorithms are feasible and are more a result of knowledge about class A, but one tool alone is not enough to achieve class A models in a practical time frame.


https://www.food4rhino.com/app/xnurbs-rhino-plugin might be worth a look at.

Thank you for an honest answer. I didn’t know much about how it was developed and 30 years of experience is definitely a lot and speaks for itself about the complexity of the tool…

Thanks, I think I looked at Xnurbs before as well but its just not there…For me I am looking for more control over my surfaces rather than more nice looking computer blending automation. In other words, maybe it can make a nice looking blend in some instances but what if you need to adjust it? That’s the whole point of class A (having unlimited control)…

same wish with you,i have even tried to extract VSR installer .but i know nothing on programming.
VSR offered many real helps to me on build nice surfaces,i wish it could be back someday by someway