What is your Hobby?

  • Playing bellows-blown Scottish smallpipes - 2 online sessions a week
  • Woodworking - Mostly Arts & Crafts “Craftsman” designs
  • Riding and wrenching on motorcycles - BMWs currently
  • Home improvements - Remodeling and Landscaping

…and Astronomy and Celestial Navigation
What a nice topic at the beginning of the meteorological autumn 2020 :slightly_smiling_face:
And today is Full Moon. Attached a Rhino file with my actual view on this moonth’s walk through the sky.
I used PyEphem to calculate the positions.of the moon passes over Greenwich each day. And of course also the other planets and stars… Hope you also enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:
MeteorologicAutum_2020 V6.3dm (1.7 MB)


restoring cars (last one was a 71 240z)
anything outdoors (skiing, hiking, cycling, paddling, camping etc)


Motorcycles, food and travel. Mostly travel that involves motorcycles and food.

Photography has really grown as a hobby lately too, quite accidentally. Mostly capturing travel involving food and motorcycles… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Pascal and Bob have also accidentally turned me into an amateur coffee snob.I’m trying to keep it in check though.


No idea you were into car restoring, given your experience in the field, have you ever considered restoring Hot Wheels cars? You could have a massive YouTube channel that’s a mix of this + this


Backpacking - Last weekend we hiked 39 miles through Olympic National Park / Hoh Rainforest to Blue Glacier.

Ceramics - I’ve set up studio in the basement. I like to cast weird things from 3D scans.

Vegan food - Searching for vegan restaurants in any city will lead you to the cool parts of town.

Traveling that involves any of the above activities. :wink:


Thank you for sharing this channel. I watched the highlighted episode and it is like a spiritual meditation on the nature of materials, tools, workmanship, and making things that make things that last. It makes no sense today, of course, but it appeals to me in a fundamental—almost esoteric—way, and makes me think of many moments where workmanship was appreciated. I’m rekt.

Please, I need to see these. Point me to where I can see these.

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i make generative drawings… with grasshopper of course, and an AxiDraw v3!



About 20 years ago my hobby and work life merged.

Day job is designing and prototyping kitesurfing equipment.

and my hobby is…

Mostly kitesurfing and surfing with a bit of designing and building the equipment no one pays me for yet.


Gustavo goes through 5 pounds of Camber espresso before you can say ‘Folger’s flavor crystals’.



I bike there at least once a year. I try to always cross the Hahntennjoch on the day of the Almauftrieb when they don’t allow traffic, and home is then on the other side of the Fernpass. Außerfern really is a cycling paradise, been living here at least 5 years and there’s still routes I haven’t done.

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I play guitar and write.

I am a big science nerd, and spend hours at a time on Wikipedia. I also do some geek-related projects in a small youtube channel, often electro-mechanical things such as Arduino programming for steppers. I made a CNC machine. I’ve been trying to sharpen up my electronics skills. Coming from an auto-fabrication background, I’ve wanted to design and build a small electric vehicle. I am fascinated with 3D graphics and visualization.

Human communication is interesting to me. Pre-Covid, I used to hang out at a Silicon Valley Coffee shop a lot, and talk with all kinds of interesting people, who came from all around the world.


Used to fly these, all for leisure purposes, during 2019. Guess it won’t be possible any time soon. :rofl:



Passion 1: Designing stuff. Almost anything, but mostly furniture - and chairs/seats above all. Ever since university (art, design, architecture) I’ve been almost obsessed with “less is more” - and seating ergonomics :sunglasses:

Passion 2: Music. I was a semi-professional drummer for 30 years (alongside my day job) :drum: Not playing the drums anymore, though.

Passion 3: aikido.



what kind of aircrafts?

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Of course on commercial flights. What do you mean :thinking:?

or are you referring to this?


well, everything from para gliding, ultralight to solar driven…
I stopped flying to weekly meetings years ago
wasn’t a pleasure…

:astonished: you must be an adventurous person. I haven’t tried any of those.

I started a new weekly hobby earlier this year which is a combination of going running and getting lost. We live in the center nearby the underground at the stop before the track split up into different directions. So I take a random underground to a stop I’ve never been before and try to find my way back without looking on the map. If I come across a path I’ve been before I try to take a different road and see where I end up on. I’ve gotten to know the city way better over the last half a year because of this.
I’ve also picked up Bouldering again recently.