What is Your 3 Favorite Aspects of Rhino3D?

What is Your Favorite Aspect of Rhino3D?

  1. I feel that Rhino’s user interface is more intuitive than any other 3D program.
  2. I like the wide selection of 3D modeling tools to model almost anything imaginable, as well as Grasshopper, which let you make even the unimaginable.
  3. Rhino’s community and helpfulness, has been the best I’ve ever seen for any commercial product. You all are phenomenal. On several occasions, McNeel’s staff has reached out to help me, such as Pascal’s Dropline, as well as making Nathan’s work to make Cycles handle large textures.
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  1. Grasshopper
  2. Pricing
  3. API
  1. Grasshopper
  2. SubD, NURBS,Mesh into one software
  3. Footwear Design
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  1. Grasshopper
  2. Curve Tools
  3. Snapping (most 3D software have terrible or cumbersome snapping because they are not meant for production purposes).

Also community and forum is one of the best out there.

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  1. Great community and support
  2. Visual (Grasshopper) and traditional scripting (Python, C#, etc.) support
  3. Superb curves and n.u.r.b.s. modelling toolset

Also Rhino is an application that is highly customizable and extendable, which is often times underappreciated. It’s maybe not for everybody, but for me it contributes to feeling like I own and can do whatever with my current version, which is a rare thing nowadays.

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  • the forum & community, with the big plus that many of the developers participating in it
  • overall flexibility, at any given time you have access to all functions and make them useful (no “modes”, dynamic changes in UI or such), also flexibility with file formats, direct and deep access to all sort of geometries, straightforward UI)
  • the perfect integration of the 3d mouse
  • SubD
  • the fact we can have a perpetual licence instead of a monthly/annual one
  • grasshopper (last only because we were talking about rhino)

I really like the command line. Speeds me up at least 2x. I don’t know why so many other programs fail to include this.
Pricing is very reasonable. I like that the developers make it worth upgrading opposed to ‘trapping’ existing users with a subscription model (while at the same time stagnating development).
The community and tech support is way better than many other programs.

  1. Community / forum
  2. Price / licence
  3. Customizability / flexibility / adaptability ( buttons included :wink: )

1 - SubD
2 - Grasshopper
3 - Community and support

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