What is wrong with my first Python script

Hello All,
This is my first attempt on Python script.
I followed a simple 2-line sample Hello World script found here -

It is a simple 2-line code :
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
rs.MessageBox (“Hello World”)

A Microsoft VBScript compilation error message appeared.
Error: Expected end of statement in Line 1

Is “import” a keyword? But I can’t find any references. What am I missing?

Thanks for reading.


VBScript compile and Python?
Did you select RhinoScript instead of python?

Hi Christopher
That was a great help. It runs now.
The instructions could be more clearer at least on Rhino 6 version.

To test the Script:

  • Start Rhino
    Missing Critical Step - Go to Tools->PythonScript
  • At the command prompt, type EditPythonScript and press Enter.
  • The Edit Script dialog box appears.
  • In the script Code window, type the code sample above.
  • Click the “Run the script” button.


that opens up the edit dialog, the same as going tools->pythonscript through the meu:

I take it back. The instructions are correct. It was my error by using RhinoScript editor. Lesson learned.