What is this?

can someone tell me what this is and how i can delete this i just cut the roof tiles ??

i just found it i cut it the first time on this way whit a border curve

after that i did it with 1 curve and now its oke

Hello - can you please export one or two of the cut tiles and the cutting geometry and post the file here?



hi pascal i try to reproduce the problem but it don,t work i wil try it later i don,t have much time at the moment
greetings Peter

BTW, you might be able to get nice tiles with much fewer nodes, if I am judging your isocurve density, correctly. You may have several times the amount of nodes you need for each tile, which will slow things down–without giving you better quality.

The concavity of each tile should be doable with 3 or 5 nodes, which would show with perhaps 1 or 3 iso reference lines.

It might be interesting to copy and paste a single roof tile, and then explode it, and look and see how many nodes line its edges, with F10 if need be.

The curves that describe the edges of a tile can be rebuilt, keeping the original for safe keeping. Most can be extrusions for speed and storage, though the ones on the edges will become poly-surfaces the moment you clip them.

The full-sized tiles which are not trimmed can be blocks instances, as well, if you get really stingy.

I try to create things with only the nodes I need.

About the original issue, I was curious about your rendering settings,

Hi Brenda my English is not that good but maybe you can ex plane it a little better is i sent the roof tile here
rooftile.3dm (257.8 KB)
greetings Peter

Hi Peter1,

I don’t have my computer mouse in front of me, but if you copy a tile, and explode it, and then turn of the nodes, if they are not on…

This is how many node there are on the edge of tile. Each long or wavy section may have about twice the nodes it needs to describe a curve or straight section.

Every: line, dip, or bump usually only needs about 3 or 4 nodes for each section. If you redraw the curves that make the extrusions, they will be smoother, move faster in the drawing, save smaller, and render faster, too.

Using the Rebuild command/tool them may not give you an accurate shape.
If you Offset to make the other side, it’s often best to check to see how many nodes it has used or wasted.

Using a lot of nodes on one tile isn’t that bad, but when you put tiles on a whole roof, the extra nodes slow things down, and when you add a few more buildings…

Hi Brenda thanks for help i will have a look but first i have to finish this job
But thanks for your time
greetings Peter