What is this?

Hi All

Newby, what is this? Found it in a tutorial for Visualaqr.


  1. What is it, or more accurately where do I find it?

  2. If anyone especially the Visual Arq people can explain why I need to use it in this context it would be great.



‘Srf’ | ‘Util’ | Cap Holes

image looks like the native component Cap Holes.

Surface->Utility->Cap Holes

ctrl+alt and left mouse click will allow you to click on a component on the canvas and it will indicate which tab/toolbar it’s on.

Thanks, Guys !!! Now I can carry on with my tut. I also understand why they would use it in context. No idea why people don’t “display full names” in tutorials. Would make it so much easier. Thanks again!

Actually, this was not a tutorial. Just found the exercises and its allot more helpful and much clearer.