What is this feature called and does it exist in Rhino?

I found this video while trying to figure out how to 3D model armor:

Is there a related feature in Rhino like is domonstrated here? Where they take those overlaying squares and reshape them? I tried paneling but couldn’t figure out how to make the panels different sized like that.

I guess next would be to try TSplines?

Hi Nathan. Clayoo might also be good for that. —Mark

Thanks! That does look fairly similar, thank you for the suggestion.

Just so I know what I"m looking for, does this type of modeling/tool have a name?

Is Clayoo and T-splines kind of like the same tool from different makers?

Nathan, I think it is a sub-division modeler. Clayoo 2.5 is the latest.

From what I gather T-splines has more tools. Clayoo at this point is available where T-splines is finished being sold. Maybe others have some better explanation of the differences in their core. You can try Clayoo as a trial. My suggestion is watch the webinars out there before trying.—Mark

I started out with Tsplines, but got a refund as soon as I learned it would no longer be supported for Rhino. I switched to Clayoo and was severly disappointed with the their initial release. I’ve stayed with them through their latest release and they have come a looooong way. In fact they are adding GH capability with their next major release. They have published many training videos which also helps. They are an Italian company and the english is not great which you can see in the help file. They are responsive to tech questions. They have also added “Expressions” which includes around 50 base models and shapes to start with. Download the demo software and give it a try. Plan on a relatively steep learning curve.

To be precise, they’re actually a Spanish company (TDM, located in Barcelona), but they are now owned by an American company (Stuller).


Thanks for the correction.

It’s a sub-d modeler - Blender I believe. T-Splines and Clayoo bring (limited) sub-d capablilities to Rhino.

The video indeed shows Blender. Note that Blender is at its heart a mesh modeller. It is possible to use the so-called subdivision modifier to get essentially SubD capabilities, but it still is vertex pushing and pulling.

Rhino WIP has some SubD functionality, but I haven’t really used it yet to be able to compare with for instance Blender’s great modelling workflow.

Hi! How did you get the refund? I mean, did they refund and let you keep the license or did they take it back? As far as I see now, there is nothing about T-Splines in Autodesk’s website. I could only find a page to download the free student version.

I got the refund through Novedge where I originally purchased it. I had to sign an agreement that Novedege got from T-Splines (this was before Autodesk purchased them) stating that I would destroy the software and never use it. This seemed like an extraordinary step for Novedge to go through, but they have always been an excellent company to purchase software through.

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