What is this effect in Rhino 7 glazed ghosted yet shaded view?

I have opened my Rhino 5 huge project into Rhino 7 and shaded mode is nuts, many streaks and this crazy glazed reflective with object within itself effect.
completely unusable.

The beige is fabric in reality. though just given a beige layer colour as no matt fabric available in shaded mode in V5.

I will continue it in Rhino 5.
it should be like this:-

Hope Rhino 8 doesnt do that.


rhino 5 and rhino 6,7,8 have a completely different display pipeline.

to update it hit this button-

then make adjustments in the new pipeline to get what you want.
you may need to replace or remake some materials as the new PBR materials are far superior to the old v5 materials.

a little friction to get switched over, but you will be much happier with the results.