What is the UI telling you when the Record History button color is changed after a Left Click?

Usually if I see this type of decoration on a button it means something is on or off. As you can see by the attached image the button is Off but Update children is checked.

This is a minor issue but it can cause some confusion with new users like me. For example, I was going through a SubD video where Reflection was being used. I could not get the reflected side to look like the presenters because he was changing the top side but it was not being reflected and mine was.

After some poking around I started to think that history may be the problem but the History Button was not highlighted so I took that to mean history was off. Aaa but not the case. When I right clicked the button both “Always Record History” and “Update Children” was checked.

It seems that clicking this button on or off (color change to button) really does not do anything and I just wanted to make sure that was the case or should it to allow you go toggle one of the underlying options like Gumball button does. Nice for me to have an option to turn all history off at the button level.

Hello - update Children is a global setting, as are all the settings in that menu. Bold means the current or next command will record history if possible. Not bold means no history will be recorded. History is recorded, by default, for exactly one command once that pane is clicked to make it bold. Some commands automatically record history regardless of the bold/not bold .



Thanks so much for the clarification, helps a bunch!