What is the Selection mechanism of this plugin?

Hello, I am new here. After finishing the tutorial, I got a question–what is the selection mechanism of wallaceiX? I used Opossum and Galapagos and they got clear selection standards like minimum or maximum, and become the "pressure " in the simulation and make the evolution run in a certain direction. When I tried to set up the Wallacei there is no “selection mechanism”. How did it work? What are the criteria for selection? How could the plugin know which FO should minimize and which one should maximize?

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Hi Zed,

Wallacei minimises an objective to optimise it, if you wanted to maximise an objective you just need to invert it. We have a YouTube video about this:

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Thank you!

Dear Mohammed,
If I have 3 or more fitness functions, is it possible to make one of them more preferred ?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Ali, not at the moment but we’re working on this feature. In the meantime, have a look at this post that discusses this:

It would be a great feature !
Thank you.