What is the Max memory limit for Rhino 4.0 running on Windows 7 64bit Pro

Hi all,
Can anyone give me this info? I could not find the document that was talking about this.




Thanks! :wink:

Great, but long in the tooth.

Should probably be updated, now that Rhino 5 is out and there are new Windows versions, to specifically mention the capabilities of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 so that less technically savvy users don’t need to guess how the currently presented info extrapolates to the new Windows versions. Probably add info on OSX and Rhino for Mac, too. Especially now that the new Mac Pros are available. They appear to have smokin’ hot hardware with the potential to run Mac Rhino and Rhino Windows under Bootcamp (or even unsupported Parallels) very well. On 4K monitors. And look good on the desk, too. With no heat or noise.

And I’m not even a Mac fanboy.

@mary, do you have time to update this?