What is the best way to report a possible "bug" in Serengeti? (with a test case)

I reported a weird behavior about 12 days ago, and have not yet seen any response from a McNeel person. Is posting a topic in this category of the Forum the best way to report such things? I’d like to do this in a way that is helpful to McNeel and ultimately to the Rhino user community.

Here is another “report”: When using the new Layout Panel in the WIP ((7.0.20112.12445, 4/21/2020) I have noticed that the Layout Panel is empty when I initially open the .3dm file. After a bit of panic, I have discovered that the Panel will fill in if I click on the Layout tab at the bottom of the screen, and also if I drag the edge of the panel to make it wider or narrower. The screen captures attached illustrate the empty Panel shown when the file is initially opened, then the filled Panel once I have clicked on the Layout tab.

Shouldn’t the Layout Panel be filled out any time it is visible (without any user intervention)?

Quick update re “bug”: it is intermittent for me. After grabbing screen shots of the"populated" and “empty” Layout Panel, I have subsequently opened up the file and seen the Layout Panel populate on its’ own. There were no software updates in between. I also noted later that this behavior was reported a number of weeks back by a different user. A McNeel employee response reported that it was fixed back in that time frame.