What is the best way to connect line and curve with G2 or higher continuity?

I have some beginner curve question here.
I have a straight line and a point to build the curve to.
How should I do it to get at least G2 continuity?

On the picture I first build an arc
then rebuild it wit 3 points for each end,
then used MatchSrf and then moved control points manually.

Thank you.

Use a degree 3 curve and make the first three (of 4) control points co-linear with the straight curve.

The PDF in this message thread should prove to be useful:

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Hi @Andre_Pokhodzei,

use the _BlendCrv command, pick the curve end first, then choose the _Point option from the command line and click the point location. You can choose continuity up to G4 from the dialog.


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Make a line between the points and use Match for Curvature at one end and Position on the other…

So many ways. Anyone else?


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