What is Search Filter Host and why can't V6 close it?

When installing the WIP, it wants to close McNeel Update service - normal, and usually it closes without a problem. But the last couple of times it also wanted to close Search Filter host (a Windows Service), which it can’t manage to close, so then a restart is required. Any way around this? I don’t have anything else running when I do my updates…

Thx, --Mitch

Not sure but @brian may know. I did a little digging and it appears to be a Windows process that sometimes sends anonymous data to Microsoft. Perhaps it was doing so at the time this happened? Is it repeatable?

Happened here as well during latest install…

My guess is that the Search Filter is scanning files to index them for
searching on your computer. It uses shell extensions to index contents of
files that it doesn’t natively know about. Because Rhino installs a shell
extension to show preview images and data in explorer, it is also probably
used by the Search Filter. Because the shell extension gets replaced when a
new Rhino installs, and since the installer can’t kill Search Filter, it’s
telling you to restart.

I think you could ignore the reboot warning for now… but we do need to
fix the installer so that the shell extension doesn’t get replaced every

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