What is Rhino_DotNet.DLL used for?

What is this library for?

Library is used for plugin development. For details Check here
Rhino_DotNET.dll located in the Rhino system directory. The Rhino_DotNET.dll assembly is what all Rhino.NET plug-ins reference to get exported classes and functions from Rhino. This file is installed with Rhino and is not a separate download.

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I know it is part of the installation. I was looking more of what is its difference compared with RhinoCommon.dll?

RhinoCommon.dll - This is a pure .NET DLL that plugins can reference and use to work with Rhino.

Both the answer’s available I hope now you can find the differences. @ivelin.peychev

I do not understand the following:

I thought RhinoCommon has these classes.

Rhino_DotNet is an old and depracated library that was written a long time ago. It’s functionality has been replaced by RhinoCommon.

Don’t use it.

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