What is major difference between Rhino7WIP with Rhino7(offical release)?

I tested some project that fails to convert from Revit to Rhino on the previous Rhino7WIP.
and even though with the official release version(evaluation) to test convert, it fails with the same error.

Is there any note about the difference between WIP to Offical release version about Rhino.Inside?
I searched about the Offical website, only find a web page with a description. :https://www.rhino3d.com/en/features/rhino-inside-revit/

What does the error message say? Sequence of steps to repeat?

It gets louver geometry from Rhino model, but also brings additional un-necessary items. (eg. some diag line didn’t at rhino model inside of louver)

Hi -

When it comes to Rhino.Inside.Revit, it’s primarily the changes in that plug-in that you would be interested in, not so much any changes between Rhino 7 versions. If you are familiar with GitHub, the changelog for the plug-in is here: Commits · mcneel/rhino.inside-revit · GitHub.

That said, you should probably provide some models and clear steps so that the issue that you are running into can be looked into properly.

For instance, …

To me, it’s not clear which direction your geometry is going.

Thanks for your reply. I would check about your linked page.
About geometry of the project, it is best to upload screenshot, but sort of NDA problem, I cannot upload screenshot :frowning:

Technically have not released rhino.inside.revit yet. The latest build from last week has a new geometry translator in it. It may help.

Are you trying to translate into a family form or a Directshapes?

We are working toward a release of Rhino.Inside.Revit as we understand it is important to have a release that that does change as often that can be used in production. We also plan to continue the WIP development in parallel so those that would like can use the very latest.

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