What is Kangaroo Show component for?

If that’s documented somewhere, please point me at it, otherwise an explanation would be welcome. I’m new to Kangaroo and found Show in a bending script I’m trying to understand.

Kangaroo works with particles, mainly… but with some goal object you can also insert meshes, lines, planes, etc…
The output of kangaroo is a mix of particles (points) , lines, planes, meshes, etc.
Some goal object need lines as input but act on pre-existing particles (like spring goal), so you won’t see the lines in the output.

The order of your outputs is the same as the input.
So, “show” is to actually show a geometry you might even NOT see in the kangaroo output.
As kangaroo load a tree of goal objects, usually Daniel Piker uses an Entwine, so you get the first branch of the outputs.

Do it like this:


Hi @maje90,

Thanks for your answer. The script I’m looking at is actually from @DanielPiker, complete with Entwine, (https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/mcneel/uploads/default/original/3X/5/e/5e8170cd26252bf4461e8c64d92ec7a073a5b2da.gh)

In the script the Show component sits between a mesh and the solver. It doesn’t seem to do anything to make the mesh more visible, but if I bypass it I get a type mismatch at the solver. So in this case it seems to be more about casting or coercing geometry into a type the solver needs.

If you don’t use the Show component, you won’t have a mesh in the kangaroo’s output, but just a list of lines…

What do you mean with “bypass” ?

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I mean: connect the Clean output in the diagram above directly to the Entwine’s (0,0) input.

OK, thanks, the fog is clearing.