What is HM2?

I have viewport options HM2 and so on and I’m not clear what they are or where they came from.
The first one creates a ‘flat’ image with textures like you can do in SketchUp (i.e. textures but not rendered with lights or GI or anything).
Are these native to the program or did I come by them as a plugin but have forgotten that I did so?
Solves a big problem for me.

These were created when you installed and ran the Holomark 2 plugin.

Thanks for the reply.
These should be more widely advertised.

Like many people, I often export to SketchUp so I can do quick illustrations with textures. Doing full blown renders with lighting and shadows, etc. is often not feasible during the development of a project but the client often wants to see something other than a line or grey shaded image. So, off to SketchUp and Layout.

It would be a real benefit to me to not have to do that export and now it looks like that may be the case.

If you run into problems with getting the results you are after, post a screen shot from SU and perhaps someone will be able to provide a display mode that gets closer.