What is "grow selection" mean in grasshopper edit menu

I have not used the “grow selection” drop down tool in the edit menu yet.

Modify Selection , grow and shift upstream and downstream?

What does it do? Who uses these regularly and how efficiently?


Michael Wickerson

Why not just try them yourself? I’ve never seen them before but since you asked, I looked.

Start with a canvas that has many components and select a few.

  • ‘Grow Selection’ adds all components to the selection that the selected components are connected to, upstream and downstream.
  • ‘Grow Upstream’ does the same but only for components upstream of the selected set.
  • ‘Grow Downstream’ does the same but only for components downstream of the selected set.
  • ‘Shift Upstream’ does the same as ‘Grow Upstream’ and zooms preview to show selected.
  • ‘Shift Downstream’ does the same as ‘Grow Downstream’ and zooms preview to show selected.

Why ask when it’s so easy and obvious to figure out by trying them?


thanks, i just didn’t realize how simple that was, my thinking was all wrong.

Thank you,

It didn’t help that I was looking a one of my scripts that consisted of all scribble nodes :slight_smile: