What is GhCanvasViewport?

Hi @stevebaer,

Could you please give more information about what is GhCanvasViewport?

Thanks in advance.


That is a prototype oen source project that I put together for a conference in London earlier this year. It adds a menu entry to Grasshopper for turning on/off an embedded Rhino viewport.

Is that 3d interactive window displaying the result from inside GH?
By interactive I mean, you can rotate, scale, pan the 3d.

That’s great idea, if you plan to separate GH from Rhino or create GH Viewer.
A while ago there was a thread and I proposed similar solution.

Is there a plan for further development of this?


Not at the moment since I’m currently focused on getting service release bugs fixed and pushing a Mac WIP. This is an open source project though and contributions are always welcome. There is enough functionality that people can try this out and start making suggestions on improvements.

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