What is GetSet?

Hello, help me please… Now I have

I don’t understand it just… But what is more important, what is “getset descriptor”? How do I need to work with it?

Surely no need of parenthesis! But I am not Python Fluent

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Azure is not a Method or Function, it is a parameter. Parameters can be set or get. Here you see that you can just get the value and not set it/modify it.
That’s all

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Good, and how can I get this color?

Just name an output color.

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import System

color = System.Drawing.Color.Aqua


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Okay, I tried it, but there is nothing, I didn’t see the color itself, in the console

import System as s
a = s.Drawing.Color.Azure

in my case it works, did you assign the output to colour?

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It looks like he’s using the EditPythonScript editor, but it works fine there too:

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Don’t forget, for other than named colors you can also get them via RGB:

color=System.Drawing.Color.FromArgb(A,R,G,B) #where A,R,G,B are numbers from 0-255

‘A’ is the alpha (transparency) channel

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Thanks so much, it really works, yes!!

Just yesterday I saw something strange there…

I got it, thanks!

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this is rhino’s editor. is it different to grasshopper’s? it looks has many functions.

The main differences is that it comes with a debugger, the documentation tree, and has tabs (and of course targets the Rhino document instead of the Grasshopper document). They both share the same runtime though, meaning that they can both read/write to sticky for instance.

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