What is correct way to surface with these profiles?


red lines the preview surface, not match the selected profiles (yellow).
Tried sweep2 loft network etc and dabbled with settings but cannot get anything keeping to the profiles.
Maybe I just didnt get the right combination of settings but is it about safe cracking ?
Looks simple enough !
Wish to place a surface through these profiles.
I need the radius curve the same throughout so did this.
did this before adding the triangular parts, now pondering on best approach with that added extra !

I then need to joint the surfaces, then offset this .25inch inwards and create a solid.

file attached.
best way surface fit profiles.3dm (6.7 MB)


I recommend: Surface -> Extrude Curve -> Extrude Along Curve
(on picture, use one yellow profile for extrusion and blue as patch)
…extend and re trim

Hi Eddi,
Understood, cheers.
and the video is GREAT. I do love a video for such things.
It all goes to making a mini tutorial for everyone.
Also with the triangular extensions I now have, should I use patch or extend and trim the upper surface ?


In my example the upper edge of side surface is extended by _ExtendSrf and previous created upper/profile surface is the cutter for command _Trim

You can also just extrude with gumball, trim, join and make a fillet :

tried your way first Cyver, and got two small ‘feet’ sticking out !

then repeated it for upper surface and that went ok,

had gumball turned on, as soon as i went surface> extrude curve>straight gumball vanished. wasnt there to drag with.

file attached.

will now try eddi’s
best way surface fit profiles get feet.3dm (6.7 MB)

(why is this simple file 6.7Mb in size ?)

tried a save small and it went a bit larger !


For lower surface, you don’t need to extrude anything, you have planar curves, just use _PlanarSrf Command.

For better upper surface you can also use _MergeAllFaces command before trim.

@Cyver @Steve1 I have to disagree to use Fillet method, because there was a problem :

and fillet produces same problem !!!

Fillet and Extrude produces different isoparms positions

Depending on what precision he need, but ok, in this case, i propose another way to keep triangles and use _ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv .

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Yeep, verry good solution …

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