What is Convex solid component?

It is under the surface tab/ freeform. I tried to find out the use of this component. but I have no idea how it exactly works. I googled it for a while but there is no mention to it, no explanation. can anyone tell me how it works?

I couldn’t find this component from the location you’re mentioning could you able to share a screenshot of it.

If you right click the component icon on the panels, you can get more information about it, such as which plugin provides it.

Hi, yes sure

I meant this:


There are better ways than using a camera to take screen snapshots. In Window click the ‘PrtSc’ key (Print Screen).


Meh sometimes you’re on a school or work computer where they disabled all sorts of functionality normally found on a pc.

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yeah I got what you meant David, thanks. I thought it was in the default mode of gh.
It is apparently coming from “grasslandutil” or something like that. which I was not aware of.

Nice laptop.

When was this added to R6? (The component info, that is)


// Rolf

I think it’s always been there. Or at least years and years.

… and I’ve been whining about this functionality missing and… sorry for that.

Or, perhaps I have been whining about this info not being available directly on the components once dropped on the canvas? I think that’s what is still missing.

// Rolf

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