What is best way to reduce this compound curve sheet solid thickness 50%?


beige solid sheet oops its 0.06inch thick, should be 0.03inch, both sides need to come in by 0.015inch (i.e an equidistant reduction AND IT MUST NOT HAVE A GAP on the brown edging.
My method which is a little laborious is :-
ungroup it
explode, offsetSrf inwards each face 0.015 inch
select both faces , run trim command and go around carefully finding all sides to trim, involved many careful picks.
select all beige and join.
(hiding brown edging during all this)
show brown, run intersect, looks good.
I have 8 to do. :cry:

is there a quicker way ?

My effort is in attached, layer named to suit, another untouched one there for someone to try.

Best way reduce thickness beige solid 50%.3dm (1.5 MB)

as for the stencilling as surfaces that were the beige surfaces trimmed to font then offset Srf0.001 they will have to be offset inwards 0.015 but thats easy, select all and run offsetSrf, my job there ! (not attached)



I don’t have time to look at your model but if what you describe worked then your mistake was to use explode command. Just extract the 2 surfaces you want to offset and then trim the sides in one go.

but why not make the thing over the way you did it before - this time using the correct offset distance.

Hi Jim,
I will try for not exploding.
Why I didnt go back to the original single sheet was that I have outer edges not shown here, equidistant and thicker than the 0.06 skin, then the petals were overlaid in an anticlockwise direction and trimmed to each other to show the true laying pattern, so to have to redo all that versus simple shifting inwards the final shapes, was that this method was quicker,

Jess, …quicker way to reduce thickness by 50%, not arranging them.


Hi @Steve1

Not Sure it may help but if the intent is to average things @ 50%, why not using TweenSrf to call back the trimmed Dome, Cap it and Boolean Dif all parts.

From what I see here, it may leads to kind of an acceptable strategy …

Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 09.05.47

Rodolfo Santos