What is best practice when it comes to filling in a hole in solid?

I have an axle hole I no longer need through a solid with planar faces where hole occurs…

should I explode surfaces, create new surface and join,
or create a slightly bigger cylinder and union,
or explode, patch the hole, surface to planar curve etc, then join ?

If the hole was on a non planar face, what then ?

I seem to recall Spaceclaim handles hole filling better than Rhino, but what methods does Rhino use ?


Hi Steve - see if UntrimHole or DeleteHole (yes, we are working on consolidating these… ) does what you need.


_DeleteHole for holes that have access on at least one planar surface.

For non-planar faces my suggestion is explode, untrim the surfaces with the holes, re-trim as required, and rejoin.

SpaceClaim’s fill command is very useful. It’s pretty much the only reason I use SpaceClaim anymore. I was hoping Rhino 6 would have the ability to remove fillets and bring back a sharp corner. The current implementation is extremely limited.