What is best method to remove internal eye balls and throat then extend neck etc?

attached a head, what is best method to detach unwanted internal parts and then extend neck and slice it horizontal then cap the resulting shape to make it ‘leakproof’…aka solid.?

For sending for 3D printing, also needed scaling larger, I managed that part !

Not familiar with mesh editing. needed to do it suddenly and it was an unplanned job. This was an Obj file.

Male_Head_basemesh_subd2.zip (111.7 KB)


Woah. My first reaction was ‘Wrong forum’!
Hm - that file crashes v6…

Well, it’s kind of a pain, actually - Rhino can get there, eventually, but it is not a mesh modeler and it takes some pretty fiddly jumping through hoops.
Turn on points, delete the ones you don’t want - Lasso and SelBrushPoints will help. You can then snap vertices together, FillMeshHole will also come in handy.
@Steve1 - This might do - Male_Head_basemesh_subd2_PG.3dm (226.2 KB)


:smile: bet it had a few punters intrigued !

Why did this crash V6 ? seems simple enough a model, but unknown of what tortures it went through in the making, let alone the beheading !

Thanks for the editing, so you deleted the points on the sphere until you got to the intersection with the eyelids ? As that was a sphere would that just keep getting less in size, but never end up an open skin, bit like a balloon loosing air through osmosis ?

throat and lips , open ended tube so I an envisage that.