What is a "DIB Texture"?

An internalized texture? Shows up when importing a glTF file. Found no documentation.


That looks like a bug. DIB just means bitmap, but is really never a term that is supposed to show up in user interface. @Joshua_Kennedy is this something to fix in the gltf importer?

I’m not sure. glTF stores multiple maps in a single texture. For example, the metal-roughness texture stores metalness in the blue channel and roughness in the green. I have to unpack these textures on import. Those unpacked textures are DIBs and I use the RDK tools for creating a render texture from a DIB. I’ve opened an issue here to see if I can get this cleaned up.

Thanks for the info! Do you know what DIB stands for?

Device Independent Bitmap

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I would think the UI would use words like “Bitmap texture” or “Image texture” instead of DIB