What ''infill'' means?

In Makerbot website it says infill means
’’ the density of printed object’s internal support structure. A higher percentage will result in a heavier, stronger object.’’

My question is, what is 100% means? Thanks

Hi @Shahadat, “Infill” is the support structure which is printed inside your part, as it cannot get printed hollow in most cases. The higher the infill value, the more material support is printed. 100% does not necessarily mean 100% density, it depends on the printer software and infill pattern how much air (unprinted volume) is contained in a part. You can read more about it here:

Note that you also control the strength by choosing a proper infill pattern and density. You might read this for more info.


Completely solid, less than that will leave empty spaces within.

Consequence of going to 100% are more weight, material consumption and printing time.