What if... viewports were terminals

have you ever thought of buying a second screen? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bumping up this old thread, which I lurked keenly last year.
For those of us with pen plotters, it would be very cool to have a good stippling algorithm to play with…

Which is why I got reminded of this post when I found this paper today - leaving it here in case anyone is brave enough to Grasshopper it! Haven’t read it yet, but the results look cool

I might give it a shot, too

I was just looking at that paper too.
I love stippling, and have played with some optimisation based approaches in the past.
This is packing with repulsion strength or radius dependent on image brightness:

The following year I saw this from Mike Wong:

Which also uses iterative attraction/repulsion, but instead of just between the points, it pulls along the gradient of the image brightness, which as you see gives much better contrast and detail, and I’ve been meaning for ages to have a go at implementing a version of this.

I’ve only skimmed it so far, but this new paper from Peter Wonka’s group looks to use something similar but improving it even further - the results really look great:

See also this thread, which similar, but also connects the dots into continuous curves:

Thanks Daniel!
yes, there’s something mesmerising about stippling, even more so in those animated examples!

I’ve just skimmed Peter Wonka’s paper, but have to admit it goes over my head completely. I’ll have to take it slow