What if the cross section is gradually changing?

There are always the case that the beam’s cross section is not uniform but gradual, for example, from small rectangle to a large one, so how can we simulate this?

You mean a vouted beam. Normaly in the beam definition you have one cross section for start and one for end. So if you take RHS 100x70x4 for start and RHS 200x70x4 for end you will have a vouted beam. I don’t know if this is possible in Karamba

But if the cross section is like the one below:

How to simulate ?

you cant model a vouted beam in Karamba, but you can simulate it by spliting your beam into smaller segments and apply a slightly larger cross section along the beam

ok, thanks for your suggestion. Below is my demo:

渐变梁.gh (36.9 KB)