What if I bought Rhino v5 in December 2017?

As the title,
Can I upgrade to v6 if I bought a license in December 2017?

Sure. But you still have to pay for it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Skysurfer,

I bought it myself on January 10th after a long period of hesitation and I too got frustrated when I noticed that v6 was finally out. I was able to deal with the Spanish reseller where i bought it about giving up my v5 license and getting instead a v6 licence as fast as they would got it. I think it’s not the ordinary procedure and they could tell you to buy an upgrade, but it’s somehow dirty on my opinion if the reseller didn’t tell you on the first place that you were buying an almost-outdated program, so you should give it a try.

Good luck!

What Helvetosaur means is that if you want to keep V5 and V6, which is perfectly possible and many people will want to for a variety of reasons, you will need to pay for both. You would pay the upgrade price for V6, which is reduced $100 for a few months as an incentive.

On the other hand, if you are brand new to Rhino and really only want V6, then I suspect that any reputable reseller (I’m sure they all are) as well as McNeel themselves will most likely treat you like they did Palindromo.

If your reseller for some reason doesn’t want to, then I would contact McNeel sales directly for help.

If you found a V6 upgrade for $100, I would like to know where, I will buy some myself, as that’s way cheaper than I can buy them as a reseller even at max discount.

The official price for an upgrade is $395.

Which is $100 less than the normal upgrade price. Polish your glasses. :wink:
I DID NOT say reduced TO $100.

Oops, that’s what I get trying to read this forum on my iPhone… sorry. :grimacing: