What hardware is slowing grasshopper down?

All of my more complex scripts slow down to stop motion when I’m moving sliders or geometry. Doesn’t matter if only rhino is running or if I’ve got a hundred windows open. Shopping for a new computer and wondering what the bottle neck is so I can account for it.


I typically have to work with no preview enabled as well.

nothing you can do really. It is partly the price you pay for the flexibility of Grasshopper. Most of it is using a single core on your machine and they didn’t get substantially faster in the last decade.
Lets hope that GH2, if it ever emerges does a better job at performance.

Also it is not very optimized (no criticism, just observation) - having a simple ‘add’ node with 1000 numbers takes about a thousand times longer than it could theoretically… Simply said the bottleneck is not your hardware but for the most part Lists, Trees and general handling of the data-streams in GH