What happens to Rhino 6 when Rhino 7 comes out?

I’m probably about half-way through my trial and loving the program so far. I’m curious what will happen to Rhino 6 once Rhino 7 comes out. I read that Rhino 7 seems to have a unique ‘per core hour’ server license and would not be available for use on personal PC’s? Does this mean that small firms and individual users will just keep using Rhino 6?

Thanks for any insights all!

Hello - for general users V7 will be the same as V6. ‘Rhino Inside’ and Compute are a separate development.


Will Rhino 7 cost less for Rhino 6 license holders?

Hello - upgrades of existing licenses always cost significantly less than the full price, I don’t think there is any reason to expect a change in that policy - here is the current sales page for the US.


Does this mean that Rhino Inside could be sold as a separate product?

Hi Ryan, if anyone knows, it is not me…


Hi Ryan -

As far as I can keep up with, Rhino Inside is open-source. It’s just a developer toolkit of some sort to allow you to create a plug-in that will let you run Rhino inside of a different program. For most of these other programs, you are on your own to create a plug-in (or plug-ins are being developed by 3rd party developers. We are actively working on a plug-in that allows you to run Rhino inside of Revit. That plug-in is free (and also open-source if I’m not mistaken). But you will need to have a valid Rhino license to run this. This only works with Rhino 7 and when Rhino 7 ships, you will need a Rhino 7 license.

Rhino.Compute allows you to run computations on Rhino that is running on a machine running Windows Server OS. This is where Core-Hour Billing comes into play. More information on that is here:

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