What happened to Print 'Close' button?

In V7 the print popup window had 3 buttons, Print, Close and Cancel. Each was useful : -
‘Close’ preserved ALL changes made to print settings, while ‘Cancel’ discarded them.

In V8 there’s no ‘Close’ button, the ‘Cancel’ button seems to preserve most settings (even if you wished to discard them) and discard others (even if you wished to preserve them). This means if you leave the print dialog to make a last minute tweak to the drawing, you’ll lose some of your print/page layout settings and have to set them again when you come back.

Is there a reason for the change? I sometimes wonder if developers realize how easily workflow can be disrupted, a little thing like this can feel like someone tied your shoe-laces together.


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Hi Grant -

It’s probably not a very good reason, but all of this was written from scratch for Rhino 8. That part got overlooked. This issue has been on the list for a while and is scheduled to be fixed - RH-76918 Print Dialog Needs a Close Button