What export option objects curves and obj mesh into Fusion360?

I had imported an obj, then gone properties>texture, allocate to object, and browsed to the jpg that came with the obj. I get a real looking item after going SetObjectDisplayMode and choose rendered.

I need to send a friend from Rhino, the obj and its allocated texture as well as the curves and objects since drawn over it; he has, or will have, Fusion360.

What is the method to achieve this ?

Will my named layers and colours of lines on those layers (line and object gets colour from the layer colour) survive the journey ?



Has FBX been tried? Autodesk seems to like FBX for rendering transfer.

has FBX been tried,…No,

I am trying to encourage a friend to start working in the world of 3D as opposed to drawing everything using projection lines as if in a 1960s drawing office, and to employ photogrammetry to capture objects in 3D when at a museum when time disallows copious measuring and drawing on site, after a trawl of whats (free) out there, I am suggesting Fusion360 (he ditched autocad as it cost and he wasnt using it) and wish to send him some work I did on screen in Rhino of his project involving an obj with allocated jpg tetxure.

Until he gets to install Fusion, we wont know.

I would rather he install a prog that I could send to than have one I cannot, else we cant work together.