What does the Endoffset in multipipe exactly mean and calculated in Rhino?


when I was trying to use multipipe to model 3d lattice structure in rhino i was confused by the definition of the endoffset parameters in multipipe. Rhino’s Help said it is the distance of the first edge loop away from the node as a multiplier of NodeSize. Then i measured the distance “d” in the figure. it does not match the input in grasshopper.

Does anyone know how exactly the distance of the first edge loop is measured and how it affected the node offset? Does rhino use fillet for the node or what other smooth algorithms does the rhino use in the endoffset parameter? I really need to some information to quantitatively exam the effect of endoffset on the node and structure.


I think it’s the distance as measured in box mode of the SubD, i.e. the control polygon. Does that match?

i dont know how to use box mode. Could you show an image of a simple two-strut connection and illustrate the measurement? Thanks!

For Box mode, use the Tab key or run ExtractControlPolygon on a SubD for the control mesh or turn on the control points for the SubD with PointsOn or the F10 key to see a non-shaded representation of the control polygon.

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