What does "all measurements are in FILE unit" mean in "pointdeviation" result?

I have couple of question with regards to the pointdeviation command.

I want to compare point cloud with the surface. I have following querries.

  • The results take 10+ minutes (25k+ points) and i always have to adjust the limits (on surface, good point, bad point, ignore). so, the final result takes much time.
  • It also shows “all measurements are in FILE unit”. Can someone explain what does it mean?
  • Is there any other way to have a better resolution of the results? (more control over the range and colour.)
  • converting the point cloud into mesh (pointcloud into surface and then surface into mesh) makes more sense?

Hello -

  • it might pay to use a subset of the pointcloud for your measurements.
  • Rhino files have some units (DocumentProperties>Units page). These are what the numbers in PointDeviation are using.
  • Currently no.
  • I doubt that will help anything- the mesh will simply provide the toll with the points at its vertices.


I test PointDeviation using a point cloud with 540,000 points and several surfaces. Results took less than 20 seconds. Updates after changing the display values took several seconds. The only times I remember point deviation taking minutes to return results was when the number of points was in the multi-millions.

Can you provide an .3dm file with a point cloud and surface?

Run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results.

Hi David,

I have uploaded the .3dm file with a point cloud and surface. You can check it yourself.

Till now, i have been using Trimble realworks to evaluate the deviation between pointcloud and 3d model. And looking for a substitute for it. I know that both the software use different approach but Realworks used to take less than a minute to give out the result.

Where did you upload it to?