What do you hear while you are grasshoppering/coding?

Hi all,

what is your favorite music for coding?

Mine is the music of Christian Löffler, since it’s not too distracting but still melodic.

I am excited to see what you like and discover new jewels!

Thanks for sharing!

House & Techno.


hmm, i hear more crickets than i do grasshoppers :wink:


Mostly Melodic Bass type stuff with few words.


Mostly classic and hard rock, metal, 90s, and 00s hip-hop. :metal:


Same thing here, ambient/post-rock/droney stuff like this:

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There’s this voice whispering, “It wants to steal our Prescious: debug it now!”

(With apologies to J.R.R.Tolkien)

Listening to stuff across the board: baroque, romantic, classical, contemporary (mostly gravitating towards oboe and guitar, as those I have played since a young boy, but also piano and symphony orchestra), techno, lo-fi beats, some popular music (Michael Jackson, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds, Dire Straits, Queen, Sting, Roger Whittaker, Carpenters, etc), gospel (mostly Golden Gate Quartet).

As of late I’ve been listening a lot to easy-listening guitar pieces by Per-Olov Kindgren (even acquired the score to one of his CDs), putting his entire works on shuffle play and a loop. Many months have been spent with this:

The latest musical piece that’s been also a mind-blowing experience is In The Bleak Midwinter by Jacob Collier, where my mind got blown by his usage of microtonal music. Current looping only this song, listening it from dawn till dusk

I learned of this while listening to David Bruce Composer, and most specifically about modulating G 1/2 sharp (the name already sounded interesting…) The particular part that blew my mind :exploding_head: starts at 4:58 and one minute from that:

That’s why currently this piece is on solo loop (but the entire video is worth listening to)


Its fun to explore new artists from all over the world. This playlist is 100’s of hrs of good background music from various worldwide producers.

i think i found Santi & Tuğçe on there.

Santi & Tuğçe - Punto Cero (Singles 2017-2018) by Santi & Tuğçe | Free Listening on SoundCloud


Today’s soundtrack:

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I usually listen to 21 Pilots new album or some other tracks of theirs

Silence! No music. No chatter. :shushing_face: