What do the small pencil icons mean

When one logs in
Clicks on their icon image
I’m wondering what do the pencils mean when you see them I see names after them and a thread they are attached to but there is no reply from that person.
I know there is the likes and badges I know what they mean and the replies but what are the pencils for?

it means that the post has been edited, either by the author, or a forum admin. A lot of us…forget to properly categorize our posts and the admins/moderators will often edit a post to reflect an appropriate category.
Edit: I edited my response.

Although, sometimes I get notification that the post has been edited with no apparent change.

Sometimes McNeel staff would edit posts or mark them in a hidden way to keep track of what has been addressed. That’s most likely what you are seeing then.

Hmmm, sneaky.

Ideally users would not see the edits that are related to hidden tags.
It has been requested before.