What do the Connectors?


I suppose so it will be added to the help docu later, but maybe a short list explanation can be posted here. :wink: Sorry, I don’t understand the names and symbols.


In the past I used ProDesktop and there I got this symbols and names. Are the Bongo connections equal?


They’re not equal but there may be some similarities. I’m not sure. I have not used ProDesktop before.

From left to right:

Slider - allows a translation between objects along a specified axis
Clamp - locks objects together at their current orientation
Grasp - the point where the connection was made will attempt to stick to the other objects geometry
Slot - allows a translation along one axis and rotation on a perpendicular axis between objects
Universal - allows a coordinate frame to be created between two objects where any combination of six degrees of rotation and translation freedom can be added or removed.
Spindle - Creates a rotation between two objects. Think of a hinge.
and Ball Joint - a connection that keeps the relative location of the objects the same and allows any rotation

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If I clamp an object to the world than it will fixed to the current place also? If not, which function would do it? Or is an object without physics enabled fixed to the world space?

Yes, the clamp will keep it in place if connected to the world. If you’re wanting a static object in the physics simulation it might be simpler to mark it as kinematic, and ensure it has no transformation keyframes.

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Unlike ProDesktop Bongo’s Connections will not bring the objects in the desired position. The elements of a mechanical structure need to be properly placed before the Connections are installed.
Rhino offers sufficient resources to do so.

Connection replace the function of the InverseKinematic joints.
Piston Connection.3dm (356.2 KB)
In this model the crankshaft is made rotating via elementary Bongo keyframes.
The Spindles take care of the rotating bearings. A Slider keeps the plunger in a vertical move. A Clamp is used to attach the rod to the plunger.

The dark-pink decorations of the Connections are meant to show their position and illustrate their capabilities.



Thank you for your examples, great that Bongo will be so intuitive to setup.