What do I need to upgrade to make Grasshopper run smooth?

Have a great deal of difficulty moving sliders, Grasshopper stutters and sometimes Rhino crashes. Is it more CPU, GPU or ram intensive?

The stuttering may be due to grasshopper recaclulating while the slider is moved. To avoid that, you can put a DataDam component, and set a delay on it so it doesn’t let the new slider value through until after a delay time. Right click on the DataDam to set a delay.

// Rolf

Delays due to sliders are due to CPU typically. Slow viewports are GPU problems. Memory may be a problem, but tends not to yield stutters, but rather very long times for switching between apps.

If you enable the profiler widget (one of the menus, can’t remember if it’s Display or View) you should be able to find the bottlenecks in your file.