What do i have to do to make loft work?

Skript Bosjes Chapel.gh (39.9 KB)

You have duplicate curves in the upper half of your definition.

The problem is the way you set up the goals for Kangaroo.

First of all you do not need two solvers for one polyline.

Join the segments of your polylines before feeding them into the solver and use the Show component to pass this data through the solver.

Using the Entwine component, you can take benefit of data trees. The solver O output has the same data structure as the GoalObjects input. The polyline you want is in path 0;0

I fixed the first half of your definition.

Skript Bosjes Chapel first half fixed.gh (43.7 KB)

It seems this is more of a data management example…

Learn more about lists and data trees here: Designing with Lists | The Grasshopper Primer Third Edition


This geometry doesn’t require Kangaroo. :man_facepalming:

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