What dialogues are restored here?


I was wondering what dialogues are restored here, and if they are only rendering related, and of so, is there a restoration button for other (non rendering) dialogues as well?
The help ( @margaret ) is rather brief and does not add much information to the text on the button itself.


These dialogs appear in the File I/O Import/Export settings dialogs: 3DStudio, ACIS, AI, AutoCAD, GHS, IGE, LightWave, MotionBuilder, CSV, Parasolid, PDF, Points, Polygon, Raw, SketchUp, Slice, SolidWorks, STEP, STL, VDA, VRML, OBJ, XAML.

Hmm, seems rather out of place in the rendering section then…




You know, you are right. I wonder if they appear someplace I don’t know about. I’ll check further.