What determines if a line style becomes solid in a PDF

Here is a screen shot of a file I have in Rhino. I have indicated the outline of the deck above using the DASHED line style and hatches above using the DOTS line style.

But when I print to a PDF I get this:

The Dashed line style looks the same but the DOTS line style is now solid. In fact, all the line styles I have tried (other than DASHED) have come out solid in PDFs.

Is this a function of the mapping of the line style to some PDF construct or a function of how the line style is defined?

Hmm - yeah, you might need to change the dot size from zero to .1 or somerthing small-but-not-a-dash sized - does that do anything? Hm - I don’t see solid lines here for ‘Dotted’ though.


In my case, the dots and spaces are one inch each and the output is scaled to 192.

You can change the print to use ‘Match pattern definition’ or ‘Match viewport display’ in the Linetypes and LineWidths section of Print. Any of that do anything good?