What controls to pull surface out to all red points in PointDeviation?


V4 and V5

I see the red points I need to pull my surface out to.

I wish one could simply select the control points in those areas, either all in one go or batch by batch and have Rhino pull surface to best fit the red points rather than have to keep clicking N on MoveUVN and see after stopping how its now looking. I am doing two or three points at a time and its taking days.

Ideally have patch literally place a surface to actually fit through all the points as it wont do so for me anyway. I can fit to them using MoveUVN and it looks good yet patch after much fiddling just can’t manage that fit.

or…for better tweaking of patch afterwards to make up for its shortcomings…

SoftMove doesnt allow one to select a point on the surface where the PointDeviation hairline runs through, then select the red point and have it softMove to that point. SoftMove doesnt seem to be much use, you think you are in the area of the red point but it latches onto a control point some way away despite hinting onSrf by my cursor, surely you need to be on its red hairline as the start point and have it move up the hairline to the red point. have Rhino programmed to know the point on surface perp from the redpoint as the hairline probably is not a tangible thing a curdor can intersect on with Srf.

For quick easy editing to minimisise red points and achieve blue, it seems to me we are lacking the controls that would make this a 5 minute not 2 day job . or am I missing out on knowing the controls that will do this ?

I want to select surface control points for these and just say go to red, maybe have user control over the distance moved incase it starts to lose the good fitment nearby.


In the greater scheme of things it appears to me that perhaps you are overlooking the fact that those points are just the result of some program interpreting a few pictures that you took. I can almost guarantee that strict adherence to those points is not going to give you the surface you are after… Just for whatever it’s worth…

When I look at them I see they are in a line along the items edge for example, where patch just went off and away kicking outwards for some odd reason. I need it following the edge of the item. If I get the surface down to them after hours of clicking N then it looksa like it should be. Another example is a batch of them and I can see that patch just didnt pull down to that area enough, use of stiffness to ovecome some irregular surface elsewhere etc. I can use N and a lot of clicking and get a nice decent shape with the red points from PointDeviation now as light blue or even blue.

Its Patch at fault, as mentioned elsewhere it needs more controls, and if I lessen stiffness it starts adding in humps and bumps on previously good areas.

Trust me the shape I have ended up with using MoveUVN and use of N, the perp from surface type of control as I see it, best for moving up and down the hairs and giving me what I want. is looking fine and not awkward just for the sake of the red ones. I occasionally see a red rogue one and can see its best ignored.

So what I ask for IS esseential, if only it existed…does it ?


What PointDeviation setting are you using for “Bad point”? How big is your object? How big is the deviation of the surface from the points compared to the size of the object?

Two strategies for getting the results of Patch to be in a particular location:

  1. Create a curve where the edge needs to be. Run Patch and set Sample Point Set to a small distance which will create a number of points for Patch to follow.

  2. Create curves where the edges need to be. Then create a starting surface using the edges as boundary curves. Run Patch, use the starting surface, and select the Preserve Edges option.