What control is there over text to achieve wrapping within text box?

I do not see a means of achieving wrapping of text within the text box.
I type text and it goes too long, I have to insert text tool and hit enter to get a second line, ditto a third.

If I then alter the text I have to alter and edit all the lines.
I am sure there is better than this but how ?

In graphics progs one used to drag out a text box then when typing it would see text auto become a second line when reaching limit of box width.

In excel text can go beyond the cell until cell is formatted with wrap.

How is this achieved for both Leader and Text commands in V5 ?


This is one of the many areas which V6 has improved over V5.

You’ll find that excel is pretty useless for modeling airplanes, on the other hand.


Dunno, works pretty good here…

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I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing this out! I’ll get to work on Dots immediately.