What command to remove redundant interior structures after booleanUnion?

I am sure I have asked this but search finds nothing on my keywords.
Wish to tidy up an object and remove interior surfaces after Boolean Union.


Not sure if I fully understand the question, but are you thinking of mergeFace and mergeAllFaces?

When it happens every once in a while I _ExtractSrf and remove the largest face which gives me a view inside the model. i’ll _Cut the panel and then use the _ExtractSrf command and delete the rogue faces.

_Paste the other face back into place and join, _MergeAllFaces and then _ShrinkTrimmedSrf. These last two commands are like and OCD for me. Especially when rendering in Keyshot.

If you don’t shrink trimmed surfaces then the centre point of the model is out and it may float about the ground plane or won’t rotate evenly. Shrinking trimmed surface usually allows the model to regain it’s volume centroid in earnest.