What command to quickly duplicate edges for a finished object?

I have a solid ‘leak proof’ no naked edges aircraft engine cowling object made of various surfaces, giving a cowling skin 2.9mm thick. I need to create a quick plan drawing of just its outer aluminium skin edges on the port side, I dont want a 2D full drawing method, just after the port side of the cowling.

I run DupeEdge but the edge is in bits, and various clicks are gradually forming the one edge, lots of edges and clicks in that case.

I need a quicker method.



what if you use make2d after dupedge? it will simplify the curves and delete the overlaping segments, then with Join shoul make the trick.

You can window select with DupEdge - or some other method like SelBrush, Lasso or maybe even SelChain…

ExtractWireframe might give you what you want.
Set the Isocurve density in the object properties to zero before using ExtractWireframe


have tried make2d and deleted out all the bits I didnt want, many small fragemnts, bit of a pain, as it aso saw seams and so on, so didnt just to object edges, unless I didnt tick some check box perhaps ?
odd that the edge wasnt a continuous line, has overlaps, it will have to do, will try ExtractWireframe as well.